Sunday, 31 January 2016

Clemson going to the National Championship!

So ... I was watching the Orange Bowl on TV (while my parents were watching it in Miami).  We saw our Clemson Tigers win!!  Then, we started planning to make the trek to AZ to see them play the National Championship!  We were so proud of the way they played and gave their all this season!  We are so proud to be Tigers!  My dad and I both graduated from Clemson and our blood runs orange! :)  My brother got to drive over from LA and it was a wonderful time together!  Love being with my family!  I missed my girls and hubby (although he has tried to convert them to Wolfpack fans ... boo!) :)  I believe the girls had a lot of fun with Daddy and they said they even cheered the Tigers on in the first quarter!  Below are pics from our fun adventure around Phoenix!  Great job Tigers, maybe next year!!

Love time with this family I was blessed with!

My tiger hat got quite a bit of attention and lots of love from other fellow Clemson fans!!  

Got some good time with Ben ... wish he was closer, but he loves California!

My mom loves Panera and the day is off to a good start if one is nearby. :)  Love time with my mom!

Happy New Year 2016

We welcomed in 2016 with playing board games and some shows.  They watched the ball drop and blew their horns to welcome in the new year!  They thought it was so fun to stay up as a family and celebrate the start of a new year together!  So thankful that they love each other and love family time!  We pray that you have a good start to the new year!  In thinking of the new year, I pray I can spend time more in the Bible, continue to strive to put others before myself, and try to talk to others if I have a problem rather than about them!  Hope that you had a good start to the year 2016 and I pray blessings on you and yours! 

Reagan holding her baby Jesus (paper clip with a smiley face inside a gold cupcake holder) from church!  Happy 2016!

Monday, 25 January 2016

Merry Christmas 2015!

This Christmas was a lot of fun and very relaxing! We went to church for Christmas Eve service and enjoyed time with Mimo and Papa.  The girls got lots of toys and enjoyed the Flutterbyes and legos the most!  They also enjoyed playing Simon and trying to see who could get the most moves.  

Family pic on Christmas Eve

Mimo and Mommy

Reagan loves to decorate her cookies - we did sugar cookies this year! yummy!


Rory liked the smooth icing look better!


We got to see the new Star Wars movie and the girls liked it a lot more than I thought they would.  Reagan enjoyed putting this fighter together.

Rory enjoyed putting her rock star stage together.  They had their little Lego friends giving concerts for a whole afternoon one day!  I love when they actually play with them.
Here is Princess, Rory's Flutterbye - They loved these spinny fairies a lot and are still playing with them, so that means it must be a winner, right?! :)
I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!

Getting ready for Christmas!

So this year I found a sweet gingerbread nativity set from Michael's.  The girls thought it was fun and I have to say it was A LOT less mess work!  We went back to the BIG snowman lot to get our tree!  It was bright and sunny when we got it so it felt nice but not necessarily Christmasy. :) It was still fun and the girls loved decorating the tree and making their own ornament piles to put on the tree.  I have tried to become less OCD and not move the ornaments after they have placed them, but sometimes 3 on one branch is too much for me! :)  They have actually gotten better at it and I love having some help and making memories with them.  Their favorite things to do this Christmas were singing from their Christmas carol books I made for them and then listening to the music while they sing.  Although when they both choose different carols and sing at the top of their lungs, it might not be my favorite but I love their joy of singing about Jesus and Christmas!  They also love putting up our velcro nativity, I got from Amazon.  They put up a new piece every morning after we read from the Jesse Tree book.  This year we did Ann Voskamp's, Unwrapping the Greatest Gift, and the girls loved the pictures, stories, and it was long enough to hold their attention but they also helped read it this year, which was fun!

This tree won the prize!

Last year I could barely see the girls beside the snowman!  They are getting so big!

Rory helping Daddy put the star up.

Reagan helping with the ornaments

Rory with the tree in shorts!!

Our annual Frosty the Snowman - stays with us from December to February. :)

Rory picked these antlers and nose for her prize - Reagan had to try it out too!  Cute little reindeer!

Rocky tried it out too!  You can see the Nativity advent hanging on the wall in the background!

Friday, 22 January 2016

Thanksgiving in PA

We traveled up to PA this year for Thanksgiving!  Before we left, Rory finished her Elsa Lego castle and wanted a picture with it! :)  Then, we started our drive up.  Unfortunately, Daddy got very sick in the last 20 minutes of the trip which made the car and end to the trip up stink (literally!).  Thankfully, he felt better after a day or two but we were a little concerned it was contagious, but we made it safely through the visit without all of us going down!  The girls got to go for their first visit to Hershey Park!  It was very exciting and they got to go on their first upside down roller coaster! The Sooper Dooper Looper!  They also loved all the rides especially Laff Track!  The girls loved getting to see Grandma and Grandpa and spending time with their cousins!  It was a wonderful time with family and we are very thankful for them!

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Happy birthday and trick or treat

The girls were a black cat and a unicorn this year!  They had a lot of fun trick or treating and were proud of themselves for even going up to the scary houses.  I don't really understand making it so scary that children are afraid, but it seems some people really enjoy doing that.  I don't get it!

We celebrated Reagan turning 8 that weekend and enjoyed time with Mimo and Papa!  We are so thankful for Reagan and her love for life, Jesus, friends, learning, and adventure!  She has a sweet heart and I am so thankful to be her Mama!  For her birthday, we took her to a Wild Kratts show at the Civic Center!  It was a really great show!  It was still kind of hard for them to make their show come to life on stage, but they did a good job of being entertaining and the girls loved it!  Happy birthday sweet girl!


trip to a cavern

The girls watched a video about caves and how they are formed, so they were interested to go see one in person.  So we headed to one about 30 minutes away and had a lot of fun!  Reagan and Rory took turns wearing a head lamp and seemed to really enjoy getting to explore and see the inside of it. Fun family time together!